Welding Tube Mill

This welding tube mill is the main equipment for producing straight seam welding tubes in many departments, such as metallurgy, machinery, light industry, and building materials, etc. This welding tube mill can roll certain specification long steel belt into tube barrels, and then weld those tube barrels into tubes. And this machine can be used to manufacture profiled pipes as well as round pipes. The main components of this equipment includes decoiler, buffer pit, hydraulic shear, roll former, flying saw cutter, blanking table, and solid-state high frequency welding.

This welding tube mill has features of stable performance, long service life, high quality and reasonable price, and high efficiency. So it belongs to the leading level in the same domestic industry, with standards of CE, ISO9001:14000 and SGS certification, etc.

Operation and Points That Need Attention
We offer installation for buyers' factory, and we also offer technical installation guidance and debugging for our equipment. When the welding tube mill is operating, please do not touch the production line.

Maintenance and Lubrication
Users should regularly do lubrication for chains of chainwheel, bearings and speed reducer, etc. And forming rollers should be kept clean.

Packaging and Transportation
This welding tube mill should adopt sea shipping by container. And if there is no special requirement, this machine usually utilizes nude packaging, with cable wire and wooden block fastening it. All gadgets should be placed in accessory box.

The Technical Parameters of Precision High Frequency Longitudinal Welded Pipe Mill

Equipment Type Outside Diameter(mm) Thickness (mm) Production Rate (m/min)
ZY16 7.6-16 0.3-1.0 0-100
ZY20 10-25 0.3-1.5 0-100
ZY32 13-38 0.6-1.8 0-100
ZY45 16-50 0.7-2.0 0-90
ZY50 20-63.5 0.8-3.0 0-80
ZY60 25-76 1.0-3.2 0-80
ZY76 32-89 1.2-3.75 0-80
ZY89 35-100 1.2-4.5 0-70
ZY125 50-130 2.0-5.0 0-60
ZY165 76-165 2.0-6.0 0-50
ZY219 89-219 3.0-8.0 0-50
ZY273 100-273 4.0-12.0 0-45
ZY325 89-325 3.0-12.7 0-40
ZY406 114-406 4.0-16.0 0-40
ZY508 219-508 4.0-19.1 0-40
ZY610 219-610 4.0-19.1 0-40
ZY660 219-660 4.0-22.0 0-40

Main Functions
The welded pipe mills in the above form are mainly used on manufacturing electric heating tubes, refrigerator pipes, automobile frame pipes, fitness equipment pipes, furniture tubes, pipes for cooler, API pipes, pressure transmission pipes, architectural pipes, structural pipes and so on. As a professional welding tube mill manufacturer and supplier, based in China, Wuxi Haoshuo Technology Co., Ltd provides many other types of forming machines, such as roll forming machine (k-span forming machine, metal deck forming machine, etc), sandwich panel forming machine (EPS panel forming machine, PU panel forming machine), slitting line, cut to length line, radiator production line, curving machine, and bending machine, etc. We offer installation and debugging services of our devices and staff training for factories abroad and OEM service. For more guides, please contact us.


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