Corrugated Fin Forming Machine

Description This corrugated fin forming machine can press fold and bend the corrugated fins on panel with required preset dimensions. This forming machine is the most practical equipment for producing transformers of wave-shape oil tank in transformer industries. The corrugated fin making machine is mainly composed of decoiler and forming machine, which can produce different sizes of corrugated fins from steel coils. The computer unit can perform the processes of shearing, forming and edge folding at one stroke according to data input.
1. This corrugated fin forming machine has the advantages of high quality and competitive price.
2. The performance has reached international standard.
3. The machine can be automatically controlled by PLC.
4. You can also manual operate the machine easily.
Maintenance and Package
1. This corrugated fin making machine should be done maintenance and lubrication work regularly.
2. This seaworthy packing machine is shipped by sea
Parameters of Corrugated Fin Forming Machine
Item spec
Suitable material Cold rolled steel
Steel thickness 1 to 1.5(mm)
Fin length 300 to 2000(mm)
Fin 300 to 1300/1600(mm)
Fin 50 to 400(mm)
Fin pitch 45 to 80(mm)
Working speed 1pcs/22s
Input voltage 380V, 50Hz
Oil pump power 22/52kW
Machine weight 13000/20000KG
PLC and Touch screen Schneider brand
Decoiler type Manual or Hydraulic as per need


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