Corrugated Fin Welding Machine

Description This corrugated fin welding machine is a specially used in transformer manufacturing industry. It adopts air cylinder to clamp the fins. Driven by DC speed motor and weld the fins, the welding gun can move from top to bottom through ball screw.
1. Adopting argon arc welder automatic welding, the welding quality can be ensured.
2. You can also manual operate the corrugated fin welding machine easily.
3. The whole electric circuit is controlled by PLC system, so the machine can run in fully automation mode.
4. Transformer corrugated fin welder can work continuously due to the application of air cylinder feeding.
Maintenance and Packaging
1. This welding machine should obey the work instructions.
2. The welding electrode should be checked regularly.
3. Keep the machine clean.
4. This machine is suitable for seaworthy packing.
Parameters of Corrugated Fin Welding Machine
Machine type W1300/1600 × 400
Fin Spec Suitable material Cold rolled steel
Steel thickness 1-1.5mm
Forming Max. 1300mm (1600mm)
Fin 50 to 400mm
Pith distance 45 to 80mm
Fin gap 6 to 8mm
Motor for fin forwarding 1.1kW
Motor for adjusting 1.5kW
Motor for welding gun moving Servo motor 400W × 2 sets
Welding machine SanRex (Japan) TIG welder, 2 sets
PLC system Schneider (China) brand
Touch screen Schneider (China) brand
Machine dimension 4000 × 2000mm (L× W)
Gross weight About 1500kg
Input voltage 380V, 50Hz


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