Epoxy Resin Vacuum Casting Machine

Description The epoxy resin vacuum casting machine is specially used in the production of dry type transformer, bushings, dry type reactor, high voltage switch insulation, and related electrical products. It mainly consists of material tank, mixing tank, measuring device, vacuum casting tank, vacuum pump system, heating system, control system, etc. Vacuum pressure casting machine is suitable for degassing, mixing and casting high polymer materials, such as bis-phenol-A, outdoor type resin, polyurethane, etc. Dynamic mixing and static mixing for the resin material can be option as per customer need.
1. Perfect vacuum pump system ensures high production quality.
2. Reliable material measuring system is for precision feeding.
3. Advanced heating technology assure material and casting.
4. Automatic PLC control with touch screen operation.
5. Convenient operating with complete parameter indicating, recording and alarm.
Main Components of Epoxy Resin Vacuum Casting Machine
1. Vacuum (pressure) casting tank
2. Resin material mixing tank
3. Casting inlet units
4. Vacuum pump system
5. Heating system
6. Pneumatic pipeline system
7. Controlling system
8. Steel platform
9. Material feeding system
Types of Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine
1. Basic vacuum (pressure) casting machine
2. Dynamic mixing vacuum (pressure) casting machine
3. Static mixing vacuum (pressure) casting machine
Parameters of Vacuum Casting Machine
Vacuum tank size Φ1800×2000mm to Φ3200×3500mm
Mixing tank 3 tanks as per design
Casting inlet 6 to 12 as per design
Heating temperature 70 to 85℃adjustable
Limit vacuum ≤50Pa
Leakage rate ≤100Pa•L/S
Working pressure ≤0.4Mpa or Ordinary pressure
Heating means Electric heating
Resin scale method Electronic scale preset or auto measuring pump
Resin material mixing type Dynamic or static
Compressed air 0.7Mpa
Type of front door Electric open
Loading type Electric loading trolley
Controlling system PLC and touch screen
PLC Mitsubishi brand
Vane pump Leybold brand Germany


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