CRGO Core Cut To Length Line

Description The CRGO core cut to length line can be suitable for cutting series of silicon pieces, which are used for transformer core lamination. For example, it can do 45 degree and 135 degree shear. It also can shear from transverse and longitudinal angle. This production line can cut automatically silicon steel coil to certain length with various shapes. It is necessary production equipment in transformer manufacturing. The machine has step lap cutting, 7 step cutting. This silicon steel cut to length line can make V notches and punch holes online.
1. The cut to length line includes beveling cutting, V notching and hole punching, etc.
2. The whole line adopts servo feeding, high speed cutting, auto stacking and PLC controlling.
3. It can work fully automatically with high speed and high precision.
Operation of CRGO Core Cut To Length Line
1. There should be 2 to 5 workers in the line. And the other people should be stay far away from the production line.
2. Yellow characters should be installed around the equipment to indicate off-limits place on railings.
3. Please remember to lubricate gears and chains on this silicon steel cut to length line.
4. Add the coil properly in order to keep the weight balanced. The coil car can reset only after fix and expand the coil into decoiler tightly.
5. First press the coil head by traction roll, and then open the package of the coil, to prevent the coil head bounced off.
6. Operators shall be banned to stand on the coil when machine running.
7. Moving coil directly by hand is forbidden.
8. When there is any problem, stop and check the machine immediately.
9. Do not remove or change circuit. If there is any problem, please consult professional technicians.
Maintenance and Lubrication
First, you should check machine units whether loosen or damaged. The oil pipes must be smooth and be filled oil regularly. After work you must be sure that the parts are normal, such as electrical parts, hydraulic parts, and pneumatic parts. After work main power should be cut off, and the machine should be cleaned up.
Packaging and Transportation
1.This cut to length line is suitable for sea shipping by container.
2.This machine is usually nude packaging with cable wire and wooden block fastening it without special requirement,
3.All gadgets should be placed in accessory box.

Parameters of CRGO Core Cut To Length Line
Item spec
Cutting 350, 400, 600, 900mm, etc
Cutting thickness 0.23 to 0.5mm
Max coil weight 1000 to 5000kg
Cutting piece length 400 to 3500mm
Max. feeding speed 240m/min
Length accuracy ±0.2mm
Cutting burr ≤0.02mm
Total installed capacity 25 to 45kW
Amount of pressure air 4500L/min
Air pressure 0.7 to 0.8MPa
Cutting piece Limb, Limb with V notching, Middle limb, etc
Servo feeding system Delta drive and servo motor
PLC and touch screen Delta brand


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