Vacuum Oil Filling Machine

Description This vacuum oil filling machine is used to fill the transformer oil in vacuum condition (drying function can be added according to client’s requirement). Vacuum oil filler is widely used for amorphous transformers, HV oil immersed transformers, HV bushings and capacitors, etc. The plant can automatically running and quantitative oil filling.
1. Perfect vacuum condition and precision quantitative filling ensure high quality.
2. Maximum adopts three-stage vacuum pump system, limit vacuum up to 1pa(unload), leakage rate <= 0.4mbar/s
3. Oil separator is installed between vacuum tank and pump system, which can condensate and recovery some oil, finally reducing the damage and pollution to the pump system.
4. Rectangle type tank adopts frame type flange to ensure long working life.
5. Vacuum tank has heating function, which is heated by electric through conductive oil. Tank door is heated by electric heating plate. Temperature raising is uniform and reliable, no local over heating.
6. Vacuum oil filling machine is adjustable and automatic control.
7. Heat exchanger is equipped. The vacuum tank temperature can be reduced below 70℃ to reduce moisture regain during discharging.
8. All oil filling pipelines and accessories are stainless steel. Flow meter is equipped on main pipeline and each filling pipeline.
9. With PLC system and touch screen, the vacuum oil filler can fully automatic control on the whole process.
10. Impeccable alarm system: All the parameters can be indicated, record and printed.
Main Components
1. Vacuum drying chamber
2. Trolley and driving device
3. Vacuum oil tank
4. Oil filling device
5. Vacuum pump system
6. Condenser system
7. Heating system
8. Pneumatic pipeline system
9. Cooling water system
10. Hydraulic system
11. Control system
Parameters of Vacuum Oil Filling Machine
Vacuum chamber size Depends on production need
Oil tank size Depends on the design
Filling stations 4-8 stations as per design
Filling measuring Scale pre setting or measuring pump
Oil filling controlling Manual or Automatic
Max. pumping speed 600L/S
Limit vacuum ≤20Pa
Leakage rate ≤100Pa•L/S
Compressed air 0.4Mpa-0.6Mpa
Type of front door Electric slide open
Loading and unloding Electric trolley
Controlling system PLC and touch screen
Vane Pump Leybold brand Germany
PLC Mitsubishi brand
Optional function Electric oil heating


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