Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Machine

Description This vacuum pressure impregnation machine is mainly application of insulation processing for electrical products, such as high voltage motor, generator, H class dry type transformer, power capacitor, cable insulation, and motor repairing, etc. For example, coil windings of motor or transformer can be evaporated at vacuum condition to reduce influence from moisture, air or other impurities. With pressure impregnation, resin can be immersed into inner side to make the high insulation class. VPI equipment is also used in material industry for improving material performance.
1. Integrated pressure vessel, vacuum, pressurization, cooling, heating and automatic controlling
2. PLC controlling and touch screen operating
3. Equipped with safety alarm and interlock protection device
Work Process of Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Machine
The workpiece will be load and put into the VPI tank, under vacuum to remove the traces of water and gas in the workpiece, and then through the pressure difference to feed the resin material into VPI tank. Under certain pressure to make immersion inside of the workpiece to achieve complete impregnation. After impregnating the resin material will return to storage tank by pressure. The products will be draining and then unload from the VPI tank.
Main Components of VPI Equipment
1. Vacuum pressure impregnating tank
2. Vacuum storage tank
3. Vacuum pump system
4. Compressed air filter
5. Heating and Cooling system
6. Hydraulic system
7. Resin feed and return system
8. Controlling system
9. Ventilation system
10. Steel platform
Parameters of VPI Equipment
VPI tank Φ800×1200mm - Φ5400×5500mm
Storage tank Same as VPI tank
Heating Optional
Cooling Optional
Limit vacuum ≤50Pa
Leakage rate ≤100Pa•L/S
Working pressure ≤0.6Mpa
Compressed air 1Mpa
Compressed air flow rate 3m3/min
Controlling system PLC and touch screen


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