Here in Haoshuo, we mainly offer products as the following

1. Slitting Line and Cut to Length Line

The slitting line and cut to length line is mainly used in the steel processing and distribution center. They can process coil panels at required dimension so as to satisfy specific demands of customers in different fields. The steel thickness, width can be custom made according to customer requirements, and can be suitable for different steels such as cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PPGI sheet ,etc

2. Transformer Manufacturing Machines

We can offer the complete range of machines and equipment for oil immersed and dry type transformers. Silicon steel slitting line, transformer core cutting line, coil winding machine, foil winding machine, vacuum drying oven, vacuum casting tank, VPI equipment, corrugated fin forming machine, corrugated fin welding machine, spot welding machine, transformer testing equipment , transformer radiator production line, and machine tools, etc

3. Sandwich Panel Forming Machine

EPS sandwich panel forming machine, PU sandwich panel production line. Used for making sandwich panels for roofing, walls, and cold room, etc. The effective width is 1000mm and the panel thickness can be 30-150mm.

4. Cold Rolling Mill

The cold rolling mill is mainly used in steel industry, metallurgy industry, etc. And this machine is mainly used for rolling common carbon, steel, and metal belt materials of aluminum, copper, and zinc, etc.

5. Welded Pipe Mill

The welded pipe mill is used for producing straight seam welding pipes such as carbon steel pipe, GI pipe, etc. The line adopts solid state high frequency welding with good quality and high speed. The pipe size can be custom made, diameter from 12.7mm to 660mm and corresponding of rectangle and square pipes.

6. Roll Forming Machine

It includes c/z purlin roll forming machine, roof panel forming machine, wall panel forming machine, double layer forming machine, metal deck forming machine, rolling shutter forming machine, guardrail forming machine, down pipe forming machine, rack roll forming machine, octagon pipe forming machine etc. The series of cold forming machines are mainly used for manufacturing and forming various cold formed profile panel steel. And their products are widely used in many fields, such as building field, storage logistics field, infrastructure construction, car production, and light steel decoration, etc.

For example, C/Z profile steel, colored steel tiles, steel floor deck panels, and down pipes are widely used in the building field. Storage rack profile panel and large-span roofing panels are widely employed in the storage logistics field. Highway guardrails and sandwich panels are widely utilized in infrastructure construction. And crossbeams and side panels are widely used in car production.

7. Accessory Components and Device

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